Thursday, February 14, 2013

just add lace

It's Valentines day today and the first day that it's registered in my brain that we are already in February. I have completely gapped out this last month and a half, like didn't we just ring in the new year? i am not even sure what my resolutions are yet. oh well, i accomplished enough last year, I think I will just coast for 2013.

Dan and I don't do much (anything) to celebrate this ridiculous holiday. usually i will try to find a red sweater to wear or a piece of heart shaped jewellery to show that i kinda, sorta (not really) care. most years i like to read Margaret Atwood's 'variations on the word love' and then scoff at everyone else with their valentines lace hearts, overpriced floral arrangements and feeble attempts at romance. and after reading this poem, i spend a lot of time thinking about those slugs under damp pieces of cardboard. are they not good enough for cupid? we pretend we know everything about love. But what about the little animals? they live up to the words 'loyalty' and 'unconditional love' far more often then us 'advanced' humans ever do.

so maybe this valentines day, you should treat your pets really nice. like you should every day, except even nicer. make them a fancy dinner, give them a good brushing. because guess what? well you go out and have lives and do fun things, all those creatures have is you. you are their one true valentine 365 days of the year. so maybe you should reciprocate.

this post got off track, but i think that's ok. my (very late) new years resolution can be to become more focused. or it could be to go surfing more, or i could take up crochet...or...or...ok, maybe i should focus on becoming more focused.
happy hearts day. be nice to each other, people and creatures of the world. that's the true meaning of this stupid day. xo

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MarkD60 said...

Happy Belated Valentines Day!
Your cat reminds me of my first cat, Marshmallow, when I was younger.
It has always amazed me how much faster the first half of the year seems to go by compared to the second half.