Monday, February 04, 2013

give it up.

hey guys, sorry i haven't been around lately. it's mostly because i've been 'Van Helsinging'. this is the term i like to use for night shifts because it makes working the graveyard seem magical and purposeful. like how Van Helsing dutifully watched over Lucy Westenra as she slowly devolved and how he did what needed to be done like a vampire killing champion. Unfortunately, i couldn't hack it like count dracula's archenemy and i had to give it up.

now i am back to normal day time hours and doing normal daytime things like being awake and feeling the occasional sunlight on my face. i've been cooking more, and dan and i can eat meals together now that i am not having breakfast at 3pm. cooking is an expression of love for me and i am happiest when i am making food for lots and lots of people that i care about. i could chop up vegetables and fry and stir and taste test things for hours.

there is also no movie that brings me more happiness then ratatouille. i love those little rats flying around that kitchen, and how they get all fluffy when they go in the dishwasher. the first time i watched that movie was when dan and i flew home from our trip to mexico. he was vomiting and fevering beside me while i giggled like a 6 year old at the coolest movie i had ever seen. i'm sorry dan. but seriously, are we in agreement here? any person who dislikes that movie has to be a horrible human being. yep, i said it.

anyways, i was going to write more. but i need to go to bed now...because it's night time and that's what non-nocturnal people do. goodnight!


MarkD60 said...

I too, enjoy cooking for lots of people, it's fun when you're prepared and have a solid plan.
AND I really like the movie Ratatouille too.
I think I'd like a night shift, then I could sleep on the beach in the daytime!

James Pare said...

Fantastic film! I love it SO much...but i love most everything from Pixar, except the Cars films...they just didn't work for me.

Oh cooking. It is great fun when not for a living, and now that i haven't worked as a cook since the end of November, I am starting to love the idea of cooking at home again...but only when people are visiting...if it's just me, I can't be bothered to spend the time.

We still have an impending Taco/Margarita party to plan one day.