Tuesday, October 16, 2012

that flies in the night

last night i woke up at 3 am to the sound of rain smashing against our bedroom window and the wind whistling through the curtains. and like i do on any stormy night i can't help but silently recite 'the sick rose' by william blake. i am beyond superstitious and maybe this is my own made up way of warding off bad feelings. this poem, despite it's foreboding nature has always felt like a quiet reassurance. and maybe it's not the content of the poem, but the mere act of knowing every word, that makes me feel better.

my ever wise teacher told me in grade 8 that it was always smart to have at least one poem you know by heart, that it would help during in class english essays and for making yourself look smart (and super nerdy) in front of your friends. she said that 'the sick rose' was the poem she memorized when she was young and so i did the same. the poem is simple, beautiful, sad, brief and stays with you always. since then i have memorized a few slightly longer poems but this one will always stay imprinted in my brain, impossible to forget. especially on those dark, windy nights.

don't blow away out there, ok?

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Candice P said...

I had to look up that poem and read it :)