Tuesday, October 16, 2012

let them eat cupcakes

I have formed a fairly healthy addiction to pinterest in the last few months. i call it a 'healthy' addiction because i think it fuels creativity and there is nothing wrong with spending a few minutes (or sometimes hours) on it. i have found more things to do with my endless supply of mason jars then i ever could of imagined, as well as several creative ways to store and organize and ideas of how to upcycle old junk. i have rediscovered many things i thought i had forgotten about from my childhood. pinterest is also pretty inspiring and helpful when it comes to cooking. i often get into the routine of cooking the same things over and over. i am a creature of habit, and i know what i am best at making, so i stick to that. but pinterest has definitely guided me into the culinary unknown and instead of eating taco's 3 times a week, i've managed to try out a couple new things. one thing i still rarely do is bake. however, Claire's birthday, which we celebrated this weekend was an occasion that i felt clearly called for cupcakes. so this is what pinterest inspired me to create. they are kind of messy and i am not totally satisfied with them. but whatever, i still think they are awfully cute.

do you know how heart breaking it is to eat a teddy in a hot tub? well now you can find out too! have a good day!

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James Pare said...

possibly the cutest cupcakes ever. Good job!